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JSON classic ASP Utilities

[1] offers several methods to work with JSON within classic ASP.


JSONER provides open-source solution for improving your web technologies that allow developers to easily and quickly build rich [JSON/JSON] based applications.

JSONER are based on event - event handler paradigm (like SAX). An event-based API reports parsing events directly to the application through callbacks. In both of those cases, an event-based API provides a simpler, lower-level access to JSON data structure.

JSONER include the subset of useful methods, which are the following:

  • Methods for data lookup.
  • Methods for data binding.
  • Methods of populating data from HTML form to JSON and the contrary.
  • Methods for creating HTML forms and other components.
  • Methods for comparison JSONs.
  • Methods for transformation JSON to XML or HTML string for further processing.
  • Methods for transformation array of JSONs to a MAP.
  • Methods to capturing JSON property and the contrary.

JKL.ParseXML - XML Parsing Library for JavaScript

[2] JKL.ParseXML is a JavaScript library that let you convert an XML into a JavaScript object (JSON).

JSONT - Transforming JSON

JSONT transforms JSON data into any other format by applying a specific set of rules (written in JSON), in a process analogous to XML/XSLT.