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These pages contain links, summaries, and licensing details of various Ajax-related frameworks. The definition of "Ajax" extends beyond remoting/XMLHttpRequest to any form of rich browser applications, so you'll find libraries for widgets, visual effects, server-side code generation, and so on. Contributions are welcome - see below for details. Thanks to everyone who's been adding framework info so far. Due to rapid growth - almost one new framework per day - I split the page into 15 new pages, on December 1, 2005.

We've begun working on a Comparison Matrix, showing key features of all frameworks. Please help build it if you have the time.


Server-Side and Hybrid Frameworks

Client-Side Frameworks


All "Frameworks" pages (anything ending in "Frameworks") are open for contributions - no account required. You don't have to be the project owner to contribute, as readers will be interested in the experience of anyone who's used and evaluated these frameworks. If you're adding a new framework, here are some guidelines:

  • To help people browse the pages faster, please keep the page in alphabetical order.
  • Commercial and open-source and everything in between is welcome. Please be specific on license details as many people have a preference for one or the other.
  • Feel free to link to any demos and tutorials.

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